The Heart of Lori's



Deanna Chancey

Owner/Team Lead

I was born and raised in Arlington, Texas.  I fell deeply in love with Photography and have worked freelance in the industry for over 25 years. On the side,  I had learned all about buying and selling items from my Dad and Granddaddy.  Flea Markets /Auctions/Trade days were part of my life every weekend.   

My daddy passed away when he was only 50. That changed my life and my outlook on things and it made me appreciate life.

My empathy for others is enormous. I pour my heart and soul into this company to help others as much as I possibly can.



Diana Fundis

Team Lead

I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. I have one daughter and two grandsons. I retired as a Deputy/Jailer from Tarrant and Hood County Sheriff's Dept. After retirement I traveled and worked part time. About 8-9 years ago I went to work for Lori's Estate Sales, what started out part time ended up full time and I enjoy it very much. For fun I like to travel, take cruises, and head to Vegas in Dec. for the NFR



Dawn McDermott

Team Lead

Personal Bio: I was born and raised on a cattle ranch in Central Nebraska. I attended Business College in Lincoln, Nebraska with an associate degree in Court Reporting. Retired from the Corporate world of Human Resources after 30 years. My hobbies include going to Casinos, horse races, flea markets, and antique shows.



Jacob Fuller

Team Lead

I was born in Arlington, TX. Although I lived in Florida most of my life.  Being minutes from the ocean is one of the most breathtaking sites you will ever behold.

I enjoy going on spontaneous adventures and going on road trips when I have time. 

Being in the Estate Sale Industry is a one of a kind career.  Learning about people and helping them gives me great satisfaction!



Stephanie Peacock

Team Lead



Shelly Bergman

Team Lead

I am originally from Ohio where I was a stay at home mom. My husband and I have been married for over 28 yrs and we have 3 boys. I am a huge animal lover which is why I have a dog, a cat, a bearded dragon, and a Russian Tortoise. I would love to retire to the Cayman Islands some day but will take a cruise there every now and then until I can.