Frequently Asked Questions

 Is an estate sale the right option for me?
- We are a full liquidation service, not a garage sale.  This means we sell the entire contents of the house-- the dishes, appliances, furniture, clothes, tools, exercise equipment, antiques, and collectibles, etc., and if you wish, we can arrange to sell the house also.  Of course, you decide what to keep.  

- We can be a good option for a business liquidation as well.  Our network of buyers along with advertising techniques can help to clear out your inventory.  

How long does it take?
- We can complete the process in as little as a week, depending on how soon we meet and get started.  We will need some time to prepare your estate and advertise.  Of course, we work with your schedule to make this as easy as possible.  

How does it work/ what do I need to do?  
- 1.  Contact us via phone or email.
- 2.  Don't throw anything away.  You'll be surprised what will sell.
- 3.  You determine what you want to keep for yourself and for your family.
- 4.  We will arrange a time to visit with you to determine your needs and wishes.
- 5.  We will schedule a time with you for the sale.
- 6.  We will come and price the entire contents of your estate, based on current market trends.
- 7.  We will advertise, prepare, set up, and stage the contents of your estate prior to the sale.
- 8.  We will conduct the sale and collect all proceeds.  We will provide security when necessary at all sales.  We will have staff on hand to monitor and help buyers.
- 9.  At your discretion, any remaining items not sold can be donated to charitable organizations, offered to close-out buyers, or you can keep them.  Again, this is your choice.
-10.  Upon completion, we leave all rooms broom swept clean.

Can I still have an estate sale if there hasn't been a death?

- Of course you can.  In many cases, a family is relocating out of state or out of the country and needs to be able to "travel light".  We handle the sale in the same manner.   
- In our industry, reputation is king.  We gladly offer references upon request.  
- You need to be comfortable with the people you are dealing with.  Professionalism and courtesy are essential qualities.  
- We are bonded and insured.

How do you get paid?
- We only get paid upon the completion of the sale.  The fee for our service varies, depending on several factors, but this is determined at the initial consultation when we evaluate the estate and the amount of time and preparation that will be necessary.  We are one of the most economical companies in the industry.  There are no hidden fees and no last minute add-ons.  
- Because each person's needs are unique, our services are tailored to meet them, so our rates for additional services such as carpet cleaning, interior or exterior painting, resident and pet relocation, and home sale assistance can vary as well, and this can be discussed at the initial consultation as well.