Our Services


We pride ourselves on our warm and friendly service, neighborly personality, and our ability to simplify a difficult time.  Our services range from simple estate sales to estate sales with lot preparation, resident relocation and assistance with selling the home.  

Our service is thorough yet efficient; quick but not rushed.  

We take the time to learn and understand our clients' needs and their specific circumstances so we can professionally, efficiently, and quickly address their needs throughout the process.

Before you sign a service agreement, we want to make sure you completely understand everything involved in the process.  You are welcome to have a friend or family member with you when reviewing the details of the agreement.

Our regular customers appreciate the standards that our service provides and our large database of buyers will help to ensure a successful sale.

Who our services are for:
- If you or your family are dealing with an inherited estate
- If you or a loved one is moving into a retirement or assisted 
     living center
- If you or your family are moving and need to liquidate
- If you are dissolving a business and have inventory that you need to liquidate

Why you can trust us:
- We are bonded and insured.
- We gladly offer references and credentials upon request.

We know the economy is tough, and that's why we strive to fit into everyone's budget.  Our rates are fair and very competitive.  They can vary, depending on several factors:
-the size of the estate
-the amount of preparation necessary
-supplies to prepare and run the sale
-city permits
-marketing and advertising
-hours needed to research values  
-workers needed to complete the estate sale

What you get:  
- no charge for initial evaluation
- included advertising 
- site preparation
- sorting and organizing of entire estate's contents
- experience and research to ensure fair pricing
- permits and paperwork for the sale
- all necessary staff on hand to ensure a successful and safe sale
- security provided if necessary at every sale

- home left empty
- rooms and floors broom clean upon completion

Services also available:
(Fees determined on an individual basis)

- Carpet Cleaning:  
     Beyond having your house broom clean at the end of the sale, 
     we can also arrange to have your carpets cleaned and shampooed.
- Painting:  
     In many cases, the home is being put back on the market, so we offer this as an additional service.  A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference in a potential buyer's initial impression of a home, and increase its value in the buyer's eyes.  We have a good relationship with many painters in the DFW metroplex, and we offer this additional service for interior and/ or exterior. 

- Other items and properties: 
     We can also handle the sale of the house, vehicles, and other properties or utilize our consignment service.

Please contact us for more details or if you have any questions.  We will be glad to answer any questions you have.

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